What to do with a 30-Minute Driving Range Session

Jan 29, 2024Danielle Cote

Warm-Up (5 minutes): Start with some light stretching, and then grab a club to hit a few easy shots. No need to aim for the moon; just loosen up your muscles and get into the swing of things.

Pick a Target (2 minutes): Choose a target on the range – it could be a flag, a marker, or even an imaginary spot. Having a target helps keep your practice focused.

Wedge Practice (5 minutes): Take out your favorite wedge and try some shots from different distances. Mix it up with a few high lobs and some lower chips. The idea here is to get a feel for your wedge game and build some confidence around the green.

Mid-Irons (8 minutes): Move on to your mid-irons and hit a few shots. Again, no need to overthink it. Just enjoy hitting the ball cleanly and experiment with your swing a bit. Try to hit the ball towards your target, but if it veers off course, no big deal.

Driver or Fairway Woods (5 minutes): Time to let loose! Grab your driver or fairway wood and have a few swings. It's not about perfection; it's about having fun and enjoying the feeling of smashing that ball. Imagine you're teeing off on your favorite hole.

Mix It Up or Hole Simulation (3 minutes): Choose a different target and mix up your clubs. Maybe hit a mid-iron, then a hybrid, and finish with a driver. Keep it spontaneous and enjoy the variety.

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