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Having optimized shafts in your golf clubs is key to playing great golf. The proper weight and flex in the shaft will promote the right trajectory and consistency in your game.

We suggest that all players come in for a custom club fitting to determine the shaft that will have them swinging confidently out on the course.

Shaft Weight

Golfers with slower swing speeds should play a lighter shaft where as golfers with higher swing speeds should play a heavier shafts. Below are shaft weight suggestions. All players should be fit for clubs to determine the proper shaft and shaft weight for their game.

Driver Irons
 Men 55-60 grams 130 grams (steel)
Women 45-50 grams 55 grams (graphite)



Golfers with slower swings will need a shaft with more flex such as a ladies or soft regular flex. Golfers with higher swing speeds will need a shaft with less flex like a regular, stiff, or even extra stiff. 



Re-shafting labor $15- $30 / club
"Flow" shaft (pre installation) $7.50 / shaft
Re-epoxy club head $10- $25 / club
Extend shaft $6.00 / club plus grip labor
Shorten shaft $5.00 / club
Shaft Pull $10 / club
*Please keep in mind pricing may vary by club. Please contact Steve if you have any questions at 860-342-2226

Shafts We Carry

 Fujikura Shafts

 Grafalloy Shafts

Graphite Design Shafts

KBS Shafts

 Mitsubishi Shafts


Oban Shafts

Project X Shafts

True Temper Shafts

UST Shafts
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