Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) at Chris Cote's

Titleist Performance Institute seeks to educate golf industry professionals and the playing public on the importance of the body and how it relates to the golf swing. TPI trained instructors believe golfers will benefit the most from a healthy and efficient body. The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is unique to their body. To achieve an efficient swing, a golfer must first be screened. This screen involves an assessment of swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health and a client history.

tpi training

Kevin Telford is available by appointment for TPI screenings at the Performance Center in Portland. After the initial screening, Kevin will create a unique plan for that golfer. The plan may include fitness training, physical therapy and treatment, coaching of swing mechanics and biomechanics, nutrition, mental strategy or all of the above.

For more info or to book a TPI session, please email Kevin at kevin.telford@chriscotegolf.com.