We recommend re-gripping your clubs about every 75 rounds or every 1-2 years based on normal wear. Some players need to re-grip sooner depending on how many rounds being played and personal requirements.

Frequently asked question

No need for appointments—just drop off your clubs, and we'll take care of the rest. Your freshly regripped clubs will be ready to go within 24-48 hours.

We charge the cost of the grip + $5 of labor for installation per club.

We are able to re-grip a 1-2 clubs on the spot if it's not busy.

Please plan to leave your clubs with us 48 hours if you need more than 3 clubs regripped.

We typically recommend an oversized, soft grip if you have arthritis or a hard time squeezing the grip.

Stop by one of our club repair shops and we can show you some options!

Grip Size

The PING Grip size chart is the perfect tool for navigating which grip size will promote the best grip pressure, hand rotation, consistency, and feel for your game.