We recommend re-gripping your clubs about every 75 rounds or every 1-2 years based on normal wear. Some players need to re-grip sooner depending on how many rounds being played and personal requirements.

Grip Size


Do you have the proper grips for your hand size? The PING Grip size chart is the perfect tool for navigating which grip size will promote the best grip pressure, hand rotation, consistency, and feel for your game.

Players can also refer to their glove size when determining grip size. A women who uses a medium sized golf glove should try an undersize grip. A man who uses a large glove should try a standard or midsize grip. 

Questions about what grip size you should be using? Be sure to ask a member of our staff the next time you get your clubs regripped or get a custom club fitting.



Brands of Grips We Carry

Champ Grips

Iomic Golf Grips
 Super Stroke Grips

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Single Grip range from $4-$20
Re-grip labor $5.00 per club
Save grip $5.00 per club