Are your Fittings really FREE?

Yes! Club fittings at our Portland and Southington retail stores are FREE with the purchase of clubs. A $100 fitting fee applies if you do not purchase and choose to take your fitting specs home with you.

FREE Fitting Locations

FREE Club Fitting

Portland Store

FREE Club Fitting

Southington Store

How Club Fitting Works

1. Book a Fitting

Appointments are HIGHLY encouraged. We can't guarantee a fitter will be available to work with a walk-in fitting.

2. During the Fitting

You will test a variety of different heads, shafts, lofts, grips, etc. We will help you find the best combo for your game.

3. Getting the Clubs

If we have what you need in stock, you can take the new clubs that day. Otherwise, we will custom order your set. Leadtimes vary depending on manufacturer.

4. Break the clubs in

It will take a few rounds and range sessions for you to get adjusted to your new set. You'll notice the changes in distance and accuracy once you're used to them!

Frequently asked question

If we have your clubs in stock, we will send you home with them. If not, the clubs will be custom ordered. Lead times vary for each manufacturer. Please plan 2-4 weeks for custom orders to be delivered.

Everyone should be fit, regardless of ability!  Everyone stands to help their game and lower their scores with a club fitting.  Everyone hits good golf shots, and a proper club fitting can help that happen a lot more frequently!

If you're unsure what brands/models you want, we recommend doing separate fittings for woods and irons on different days, due to the amount of time and swings it may take.  We will always try to accomplish as much as we can in the time frame given, but keep in mind, you may need a follow up appointment.

Yes! If you purchase clubs after a FREE Club Fitting, the fitting fee is waived. The only time we would charge you would be if you don't purchase clubs and want to take your specs homes with you.

Our free (with purchase) fittings are done indoors, on TrackMan, at our retail locations in Southington and Portland.  Our Tour Level fittings which vary in price and are done at our Performance Center in Portland. Those fittings are outdoors with a Pro V1x so you can see ball flight in person and on TrackMan. Plus you have access to more custom shaft options, you will receive a detailed spec sheet, and a TrackMan report.

Give us a call:

Portland Store (860) 342-2226

Southington Store (860) 621-3663

Performance Center (Tour Level Fitting Facility) (860)316-3106