The “Fairway Gate” Drill - Improving Driving Accuracy

Jan 29, 2024Dennis Coscina

This drill focuses on enhancing your ability to hit the fairway consistently by creating mental markers on either side of the fairway and encouraging you to swing with control.


  1. Select a Fairway: Choose a specific fairway on the driving range or at the course where you can practice without interruption.

  2. Create a "Gate": Mentally select two points on the fairway that act as your "gate." These points should be a reasonable distance apart, representing the width of the fairway. For example, pick out two trees, bunkers, or other landmarks on either side.

  3. Position Yourself: Stand at the tee box as you would during a regular drive. Imagine that the space between the two selected points is your ideal landing zone.


  1. Visualize the Gate: Before taking your shot, stand behind the ball and visualize the imaginary gate you've created with the two selected points. This helps you establish a clear target in your mind.

  2. Alignment Check: Ensure your feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned parallel to the imaginary gate. This alignment promotes a straighter shot towards your intended landing zone.

  3. Swing with Control: Focus on making a controlled swing, emphasizing tempo and balance. Instead of trying to crush the ball, concentrate on a smooth, rhythmic motion. The goal is to keep the ball within the imaginary gate.

  4. Evaluate and Adjust: After each shot, assess whether the ball stayed within the fairway gate. Pay attention to any patterns or tendencies in your shots. If the ball consistently veers to one side, make small adjustments to your alignment or swing to correct the deviation.


  • Start with a manageable distance for your fairway gate and gradually increase the challenge as your accuracy improves.
  • Practice this drill regularly, incorporating it into your warm-up routine before a round.
  • Use a variety of clubs to simulate different scenarios you might encounter on the course.

This "Fairway Gate" drill not only helps improve accuracy but also encourages a more mindful and controlled approach to your drives. As you consistently hit the fairway within your imaginary gate, you'll likely see improvements in your overall driving accuracy on the course.

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