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Tour Level Fitting Experience at Chris Cote's Performance Center in Portland

Get fit like the Pros with our Tour Level Fitting Experience. All Tour Level fittings will be done with TrackMan 4e technology at our new outdoor Chris Cote's Golf Performance Center in Portland, CT. A Tour Level fitting experience gives any golfer the opportunity to test out the highest performing product at our brand new, state of the art facility.

Heads up: our facility is so new that Apple Maps doesn't recognize our address!

It's best to use Google Maps if you need directions. 

All PXG Fittings are done direct with PXG at the Performance Center.  You can schedule an appointment with PXG by clicking here

The Performance Center is located at:

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In Season: Outdoor Ball Flight March 15 - December 15 (pending temperature)

Off Season: Indoor Ball Flight* December 16 - March 14 (pending temperature)

*Fitting fee is 50% OFF the listed price with a purchase, until full outdoor fittings restart in March. Our goal is to see outdoor ball flight as much as we can, but when the temperature drops, off season fittings will likely be done indoors at the Performance Center in a state of the art Trackman Simulator.

If you have any questions about in season or off season fittings at the Performance Center, please contact Kyle at (860)316-3106

Types of Fittings

Woods Fitting (Driver, fairways, and/or hybrids) 2 hours for $150
Iron and Wedge Fitting 2 hours for $150
Driver Only 1.5 hours for $100
Irons Only 1.5 hours for $100
Fairway or Hybrid Only(1 club) 1 hour for $75
Wedges Only 1 hour for $75
Full Bag Fitting*

3 hours for $300

*We recommend doing two sessions on separate days for full sets (one for irons/wedges and one for woods/hybrids), unless you've pre-determined what specific brands or models you want. 

About the Performance Center

chris cote's performance center

This brand new facility was built with the highest performing golfer in mind. Nestled in at the corner of 17 and 17A in Portland, you will find our blue building and a 350 yard driving range. The two bays on the left are dedicated to our Tour Level Fitting Experience. The three bays on the right are for year round lessons with NPI. This facility also offers a 25 bay outdoor driving range featuring Toptracer Technology (not pictured).

The Performance Center is located at 1401 Main Street, Portland, CT. This facility is so new that Apple Maps doesn't recognize our address! It's best to use Google Maps if you need directions.

Available Fitting Equipment

fitting shafts

Chris Cote's Golf Performance Center was built for the ultimate golfer looking to improve his or her game. This brand new facility is stocked with the latest and greatest in club fitting technology. Golfers will stand in the building and hit out to the 350 yard driving range. The walls are lined with high performing shafts designed for maxed out distance and optimal control. Each bay is stocked with interchangeable club heads from all major manufacturers offering thousands of loft, lie, and model combinations. All this equipment will be tested using Titleist Tour Soft golf balls and the TrackMan 4e Launch Monitor, just like the pros.

About the Experience

trackman 4e with fitting

All golfers who go through a Tour Level Club Fitting get fit like a Pro. Every session will be guided by TrackMan 4e technology, golf's leader in launch monitors. Based off the data provided by TrackMan, we will determine a set makeup that matches your game. From there we customize and hone in all the details from lie angle to grip color. The possibilities are endless! 

 Questions? Click here to view our Club Fitting FAQ

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Please select a type of fitting below. Kyle is available for Tour Level Fittings Tuesday-Saturday.

The fitting fee will be due after your club fitting.

Heads up: this facility is so new that Apple Maps doesn't recognize our address! It's best to use Google Maps if you need directions.