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Book a Tour Level Fitting with Kyle Nolin

Please select a type of fitting below. Kyle is available for Tour Level Fittings Tuesday-Saturday.

In Season: Outdoor Ball Flight March 15 - December 15 (pending temperature)

Off Season: Indoor Ball Flight* December 16 - March 14 (pending temperature)

*Our goal is to see outdoor ball flight as much as we can, but when the temperature drops, off season fittings will likely be done indoors at the Performance Center in a state of the art Trackman Simulator.  Once we narrow down the options, we can go to our second bay to hit a few balls outside to see and confirm ball flight with Trackman data.

If you have any questions about in season or off season fittings at the Performance Center, please contact Kyle at (860)316-3106

The fitting fee will be due after your club fitting.

Heads up: this facility is so new that Apple Maps doesn't recognize our address! It's best to use Google Maps if you need directions.