Mitsubishi Tensei AV White Shaft


Built for the player seeking low launch and low spin performance, TENSEI 1K Pro White is our most technologically-advanced White profile ever. TENSEI 1K Pro White uses super-premium 1K carbon fiber in the handle to prevent deformation in the downswing, giving you a better chance at a center-face strike. The 1K carbon fiber is three times thinner than carbon kevlar, allowing for a more consistent weave for fewer imperfections in the shaft's construction to provide better feel.

TENSEI 1K Pro White also uses our breakthrough Xlink Tech Resin System -- a proprietary creation that allows us to significantly increase carbon fiber volume for better feel while actually increasing the strength of the shaft. Additional strength is achieved through the use of high-modulus 46-ton carbon fiber and boron in the tip section.

Shaft Flex

65S, 65X, 75S, 75X, 85S, 85X

Installed Playing Length

42", 42.25", 42.5", 42.75", 43", 43.25", 43.5", 43.75", 44", 44.25", 44.5", 44.75", 45", 45.25", 45.5", 45.75", 46"