Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue Shaft


TENSEI is all about continual technological innovation and AV Series Blue is an important evolution to our TENSEI AV RAW Blue line. Using the same structure as the super-popular AV RAW Blue, AV Series Blue adds our Xlink Tech Resin System into the equation. The incorporation of Xlink Tech Resin System allows the shaft’s carbon fiber volume to drastically increase to improve feel all while increasing the overall strength of the shaft. It still uses our Aluminum Vapor in the handle to create outstanding stability.

Shaft Flex

55R, 55S, 65R, 65S, 65X, 75R, 75S, 75X

Installed Playing Length

42", 42.25", 42.5", 42.75", 43", 43.25", 43.5", 43.75", 44", 44.25", 44.5", 44.75", 45", 45.25", 45.5", 45.75", 46"