Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Black Shaft


TENSEI™ 1K Black is built specifically to suit powerful swings with no sacrifice in feel and responsiveness. TENSEI™ 1K Black utilizes a focused application of 1K carbon fiber, the same high-performance material featured in TENSEI™ 1K Pro White, to increase strength in the handle, drive down torque and provide the signature “1K feel.”

TENSEI™ 1K BLACK also utilizes Mitsubishi’s Xlink Tech™ Resin System in the tip section to bolster the shaft’s tip strength and increase the shaft’s durability. Tip stiffness and torque are further controlled through the use of 40-ton carbon fiber in the shaft’s construction. Add the subtle, yet premium matte clear finish and you get a shaft that gives high speed players the low launch, low spin performance with great feel they need with the good looks they desire.

Shaft Flex

65S, 65X, 65TX, 75S, 75X, 75TX, 85S, 85X, 85TX

Installed Playing Length

42", 42.25", 42.5", 42.75", 43", 43.25", 43.5", 43.75", 44", 44.25", 44.5", 44.75", 45", 45.25", 45.5", 45.75", 46"