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TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe Wedge - 4-Way Sole

  • $169.99

Designed for Incredible Greenside Shotmaking

Get the most out of your short game. TaylorMade’s new HI-TOE wedge features full-face scoring lines and an expanded toe area to deliver high-spin performance across the entire face. 

The HI-TOE wedge offers incredibly versatile performance around the green. 4-way cambered sole with a mid bounce design of 10*. The leading edge has less belly and is more blunt. The new 4-way cambered sole has an increased trailing edge and heel relief. Great option for players with average or steep swings from normal turf and softer sand. This HI-TOE has been engineered to perform on chips, pitches, flop shots, bump-and-runs, and difficult lies.

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