Taylor Made

TaylorMade Qi10 Tour FW


Introducing the Qi10 Tour fairway. Experience TaylorMade speed with Qi10 forgiveness... off the tee and off the deck. 

A lower profile moveable weight system features a 50g sliding weight and a 2* loft sleeve for a wide range of flight options. Golfers can shift the weight back for higher launch and stability, center it for all-around performance or move it forward for al low-spin ball flight with maximum distance.

An Infinity Crown provides a clean, uninterrupted view at address while also optimizing performance. Engineers relied on this new design to reshape the club, shifting more weight lower in the clubhead to maintain high inertia with an enlarged face profile to inspire confidence and generate ball speed.

Titanium Twist Face empowers TaylorMade engineers to maximize ball speed through an ultra-strong and thin face. Crafted in small batches using a unique process, this material enhances face strength while preserving exceptional ductility. In simpler terms, it's lightweight, strong and flexible. When paired with Twist Face technology, it encourages straighter shots.