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Taylor Made

TaylorMade Qi HL Irons


It's no surprise that golfers tend to miss to the right. That's why the Qi HL irons are designed to be the straightest distance irons in golf. Unlike other game improvement irons that actually favor a right miss, our are meticulously designed for precision and control because straight distance is the best distance.

Take your game to new heights with the Qi HL iron. Centered around an ultralight components package and increased lofts, this set configuration is designed to improve clubhead speed, launch higher and deliver more carry distance at moderate swing speeds.  

This suite of technologies allows us to optimize each individual iron head. Driven by organic face geometries, Cap Back™ Design and the Speed Pocket™, this comprehensive approach tunes the performance of each head to promote ideal gapping, exemplary ball speeds as well as consistently straighter shots throughout the set.

This innovative construction blends the advantages of a hollow-body iron with those of a traditional cavity back. In addition to optimizing mass properties, it works in unison with the HYBRAR Echo® Dampers to reduce unwanted vibrations and deliver a satisfying sound and feel.

Flighted CG™ strategically positions the center of gravity (CG) lowest in the long irons and progressively shifts higher throughout the set. The design produces better launch and playability in long irons with increased control in the scoring clubs.  

Pricing listed is per club.