PING G LE3 Irons

  • In the lightweight, stainless-steel irons, a lower CG and custom-engineered lofts produce more ball speed and measurable, predictable distance gains.
  • Forgiveness is achieved through high-density heel and toe weights, which also allow for lighter swingweights and overall weight, making them easier to swing.
  • The irons also benefit from a metal-wood-style face structure and a multi-material PurFlex cavity badge, contributing to more consistent face flexing along with a soft and pleasing feel and sound.
  • The G Le3 sand wedge relies on the proven design attributes of the iconic PING EYE2 sand wedge while ensuring a modern-day appeal.
  • Its slimmer hosel, wider sole and more traditional head shape combined with fully machined grooves help take the fear out of one of the most intimidating shots in golf.
  • Lightweight, perimeter weighted 17-4 stainless steel heads (6-9, PW, UW, SW)
  • Multi-material PurFlex cavity badge promotes face flexing, improves feel and sound
  • High density heel and toe weights increase MOI for more forgiveness
  • New bounce profiles improve turf interaction and impact consistency to minimize shots that come up short
Club Loft Lie Std. Length Swingweight
6 Iron 25.0° 61.5° 37.125" C1
7 Iron 29.5° 62.0° 36.25" C2
8 Iron 35.0° 62.8° 36.0" C2
9 Iron 41.0° 63.5° 35.5" C2.5
Pitching Wedge 46.5° 64.1° 35.0" C4
Utility Wedge 51.5° 64.1° 35.0" C5
Sand Wedge 56.0° 64.1° 34.5" C6