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Golf Boot Camp with KT

Golf Boot Camp with Kevin Telford, PGA

90 Minutes of Short Game practice at Quarry Ridge Golf Course;

  • We’ll discuss differences in setup/strike and then implement those changes in your game. If you can control which side of the ball you hit around the green, you should be able to use that as a foundation for full swing.


90 Minutes of Swing/Body analysis at the Performance Center in Portland;

  •  A 15-Minute TPI Physical Screen will provide a roadmap for how a student moves & we can tailor a swing around that. With the screen, you’ll receive 5 different mobility routines to enhance separation/mobility/rotation.
  • We'll build on the short game principles to work towards changes in contact/ball flight.
  • Trackman will be able to quantify the changes in setup/strike so that you can see what you are feeling.


9-Hole Playing Lesson at Portland Golf Course;

  • These are designed to learn how to manage your game, not necessarily how to strike the ball. We will have a launch monitor tracking each shot to get feedback on club and ball data but that is more to see if your range swing is different than your on-course swing.


1 Student: $700 


8:00A-9:30A: Short game work at Quarry Ridge Golf Course

9:45A-11:15A: Body/Swing Analysis at the Performance Center and Top Tracer Range in Portland

11:45A: 9-Hole Playing Lesson at Portland Golf Course

To book, reach out to Kevin at / 413.262.2541

Number of Players