Practice Features

Traditional Shot Analysis

Easy to understand numbers with video recordings and a 3D view of ball flight

Virtual On-Course Practice

Drop the ball anywhere you want and practice from there.

Virtual Target Practice

Practice any shot in this 18-target range environment. Any shot is possible!

Putting Analysis

Write your brand story and journey

Key Numbers

Here's what to focus on when practicing
Club Path

Club Path

Your club path (relative to your target line) has a crucial influence on your shot shape. Aim for a neutral club path for straighter shots.
Spin Rate

Spin Rate

The spin rate of your shots affects control and distance. Aim for low spin on your drives to maximize distance and high spin around the green to stop the ball.
Face Angle

Face Angle

Face Angle is the direction the club face is pointed at impact. This is the most important number when determining the starting direction of the ball.

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