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Club Fitting FAQ's


Q: How long does a club fitting take?

A: Each appointment is for an hour and a half.  We will use up to that amount of time for your fitting.  Examples: Driver or iron fittings usually take 45-60 minutes, wedge fittings usually take 30 minutes, woods fittings usually take 60 minutes.

Q: How long does it take for my clubs to come in after the fitting?

A: Typical lead time is approximately two weeks, from the date of the fitting and purchase.  Some companies run a little quicker due to their location, custom turnaround time, etc.

Q: What's your fitting process?

A: We use a number of techniques and technologies (Trackman, Mizuno Shaft Optimizer, static measurement, dynamic measurement, club/shaft combinations, etc.) to help you determine the optimal setup.

Q: Can I do a full bag fitting in one session?

A: We usually recommend doing separate fittings for woods and irons on different days, due to the amount of time and swings it may take.  Our appointments are for an hour and a half, and we will always try to get as much done as we can.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: Yes. We prefer you to make an appointment so we are certain we'll have a fitter, and a hitting bay available for you.  We try to accommodate as much walk in traffic as we can, but it's first come, first served, and we may not always be able to help everyone due to staffing on a particular day.

Q: Are your fittings REALLY free?

A: Yes!  If you are purchasing through us, we will fit you on TrackMan for FREE!  The only instance in which we will charge for a fitting is when you are purchasing your clubs elsewhere, but prefer we do the fitting.  We will charge you $100, and give you all the information you'll need. 

Q: I'm not a good golfer, should I get fit?

A: Everyone should be fit, regardless of ability!  Everyone stands to help their game and lower their scores with a club fitting.  Everyone hits good golf shots, and a proper club fitting can help that happen a lot more frequently!

Q: Can you fit my current clubs to me?

A: Yes we can!  We will put you through a fitting and recommend what would need to be done, and how much it would cost.