autoFlex 305 / 405 / 505 Shaft


Golfers looking for an edge can trust the AutoFlex Driver Golf Shaft to offer maximum power and distance off the tee. High-performance shafts don't come better than this, boasting unparalleled flex and stability with every shot. Take your golf game to the next level with the AutoFlex Driver Shaft.

This lightweight construction and Korean hidden technology (KHT) maximize power transfer for enhanced ball speed and longer carry and roll distances.

Flex Weight (g)

Recommended Swing Weight

Driver Club Speed
SF305x 41 C7-C9 70-90
45 C9-D0 85-100
SF505 50 D0-D1 95-100
SF505x 55 D1-D1.5 100-110
SF505xx 57 D1.5-D2 110-120