Prove It Golf Aquired by Chris Cote's Golf Shop

Feb 15, 2024Danielle Cote

For Release Jan 1, 2024.

Portland, CT - Chris Cote's Golf Shop is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition of Prove It Golf (Wethersfield, CT), signaling a new era of growth and opportunity for the renowned golfing fitting, club building, and repair services provider.

The acquisition comes as a strategic move to expand CCGS's offerings and further enhance its commitment to providing exceptional services to golf enthusiasts. CCGS has hired Prove It Golf's owner, Todd Daigneault, as a full time club repair person and club fitter at the main store in Portland. Todd comes with 10+ years of expertise and access to specialty brands like Miura, L.A.B. putters, and more.

Todd extends his gratitude to its loyal customers for their continued support, which has been instrumental in making this acquisition possible. CCGS invites customers to visit Todd at their main store on Route 66 for anything golf (or not golf) related.

For those interested in booking a club fitting session, please book an appointment through CCGS's website and request Todd as your fitter.

"We are really excited to have Todd onboard. He bring a high level of knowledge and club building expertise that we are excited to share with our customers". 

About Prove It Golf: Prove It Golf was a leading provider of golfing fitting, club building, and repair services, dedicated to helping players of all levels elevate their game. 

About Chris Cote's Golf Shop: Chris Cote’s Golf Shop is a one-stop-golf-shop  for golf enthusiasts, offering a wide range of premium products and golf experiences. With a rich history spanning over 15 years, Chris Cote’s Golf Shop has established itself as a trusted name in the golf industry, known for its friendly customer service. From top-of-the-line golf equipment to professional club fitting and repair services, Chris Cote’s Golf Shop caters to golfers of all skill levels, ensuring they have the tools and support they need to excel on the course. For more information, please visit


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