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PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy Wedge

PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy Wedge

Chris Cote's Performance Center is a PXG Fitting Hub. All PXG fittings will be done with a member of the PXG staff.

A fitting fee of $50 will be collected from our PXG representative, prior to your scheduled fitting.

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Think of the NEW PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy as the Jack-of-all-trades of the high-lofted golf wedge world. It incorporates a moderate initial angle with a blended sole design and can be used effectively from a wide variety of turf and sand conditions, allowing the golfer to use it for virtually any shot necessary.


Available in two sole designs – Sugar Daddy 09 and 07.


CNC milled grooves take us to the legal limit in the name of spin and ball control. Milling the grooves, including the groove edge radius, also provides precision manufacturing of the groove geometry for exceptional consistency from club to club.


Available in Chrome and Xtreme Dark

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