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Mizuno T22 Wedge


The Mizuno T22 Wedges are crafted using Mizuno's legendary Grain Flow Forging process, a technique that has been perfected over the course fifty plus years in Hiroshima, Japan.  And, with the addition of a soft feel copper underlay, these wedges produce the unrivaled touch and feel Mizuno is renowned for.

As with all Mizuno wedges carrying the T moniker, the T22s have a teardrop shape. By flaring or tapering the upper portion of the blade, these wedges create a consistently high level of spin and a more penetrating trajectory.

Because spin is such an integral factor in high-level short game play, Mizuno Quad Cut Mills the T22's grooves with astounding precision.  These grooves are cut into Boron-infused steel for increased durability and are loft specific, so each wedge achieves peak performance for its intended purpose.  To ensure high-level performance in wet conditions, HydroFlow Micro Grooves are laser etched into the face to release moisture and preserve spin rates.