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Trade Ins

Is it Time for an upgrade? Come down and upgrade your equipment or get new gear at a discount by trading in your used golf clubs.  Our trade values match or beat any price you will receive in the New England area.

·       We Use the PGA value guide (PGA Value Guide) as the base of our trade in values.

·       Choose between Cash or get 10%-25% more in Store credit.

·       Store credit can be used on anything at all Chis Cote sites and at any time.

·       We accept all Name brand clubs that still have a value to them.

·       Prices are subject to change based on the condition.

A special note for PGA Golf Professionals,

·       Ask about The Chris Cote’s Golf Shop trade in program for you to set up in your shops.

·       Help your members though the trade in process by signing up and making the transition to new
        clubs that much easier.

·       Contact Pat Green at 860 621-3663 for specific information to help you and your shop.


 Our Top-Rated eBay store

Check out our eBay store for a complete selection of all of our used clubs. 

We are a top-rated ebay seller with over 53,000 in positive feedback! 

Our eBay store phone number is (860) 621-3663